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I'm a huge fan of seascapes and lighthouses. Living close to the Great Lakes, especially Lake Michigan, provides great harbor views and sunsets. It's hard to imagine a more picturesque place to live or visit.
The Ludington Michigan Lighthouse - Very calm day.Ludington Michigan Lighthouse at SunsetLudington Michigan Lighthouse at SunsetGood Day - Ludington, MI HarborAway from it all. - Ludington, MI HarborThe Old Man and the Sea. - Ludington, MI HarborNorth Pier Catwalk, Manistee Michigan at SunsetSunset Bluff - Manistee MichiganWindless SailingRed Sky at Night, Lake Michigan Sunset, ManisteeManistee Lighthouse at Sunset, Manistee MichiganRed Sky Sunset - Manistee Michigan LighthouseSunset SilhouetteOrange Sky at Night, Manistee Michigan Lighthouse, SunsetSailboat at Sunset in Manistee Michigans HarborStormy Lighthouse - Manistee Michigan SunsetFoggy Morning Pastels - Manistee Lighthouse Early MorningAqua Marine - Manistee Michigan LighthouseManistee Lighthouse - Sunny DayLighthouse Painting - Manistee Michigan