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Manistee Michigan is my second home. Having vacationed there for over 40 years, I know that area of Michigan very well.
Orange Sky at Night, Manistee Michigan Lighthouse, SunsetManistee Lighthouse at Sunset, Manistee MichiganBeautiful LightThe White LightManistee North Pier & LighthouseBlue and WhiteManistee Lighthouse - Sunny DaySunset Bluff - Manistee MichiganSailboat at Sunset in Manistee Michigans HarborFoggy Morning Pastels - Manistee Lighthouse Early MorningNorth Pier Catwalk, Manistee Michigan at SunsetManistee River Pilings at TwilightCity view from the Manistee River, Manistee Michigan, twilight.Manistee River, Twilight, Marina and Hwy 31 DrawbridgeManistee Michigan, Historic Downtown Buildings, River ViewMoonlight Serenade - Manistee Inn, Mansitee MichiganWindless SailingRed Sky at Night, Lake Michigan Sunset, ManisteeRed Sky Sunset - Manistee Michigan LighthouseStormy Lighthouse - Manistee Michigan Sunset